Christina Milian broke down in tears while talking about her relationship with her ex Lil Wayne during the episode. Watch what happens in the video above! So a difference can be seen there too. The two end up having a talk later and they make up. Dude u stupid u make no sense.

Christina Milian Admits She s Dating Lil Wayne I Do Love Him

  1. After their argument, Danielle comes over to Christina's house to get ready for the Latino Media Awards.
  2. Find out in the Christina Milian Turned Up episode recap below!
  3. Lil twist is such a bitch laughing at everything wayne says When is someone gonna set this piece of shit on fire?
  4. This was something that was like he really got caught.
  5. Also on Tuesday's episode, Lizzy Milian and Danielle Milian got into a heated argument after Danielle went behind her back and met with Lizzy's boyfriend Dom.
  6. Danielle explains she didn't intentionally do anything to hurt Lizzy.
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Christina Milian And Lil Wayne s Do It Video Released - MTV

After their explosive studio argument, Christina meets with Silent Killers and Ceraadi separately. After Don meets Dom, he discusses what he thinks about Lizzy's boyfriend with Danielle and Christina. It was an emotional episode of Christina Milian Turned Up!

Is Lil Wayne Dating Christina Milian -- It s Just Business

1. They started dating in 2011

Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? After his meeting with Danielle, Dom is pissed. Would you like to view this in our German edition?

If u think he ugly then do who u think cute? Just trying to open you up to some real monsters. Translate to English Translate to English Impressum. They're the perfect match, I just have to convince them of that.

Who is Christina Milian dating Christina Milian boyfriend husband

Christina Milian Boyfriend Who Is She Dating

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian Dating - The Hollywood Gossip

  • The girls then get ready and head off to the Latino Media Awards together with their mom Carmen Milian.
  • Dom has to go back to France for his son's birthday and he's feeling a bit uneasy about leaving Lizzy.
  • Its not a lie bro bro its the one from freakjasp on yt.

Lmao what kind of pussy do you eat, all kinds. Why you be lying like that bruh. What else happened on the episode?

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Christina Milian Dating Lil Wayne After Split From Fiance Jas Prince

Download Lil Wayne's Latest Tape. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. He playing the song for twist like he would tell him if it was wack or not Fucking get these yes man away from Wayne. But, when Lizzy tries to discuss her secret meeting with Dom, Danielle doesn't think she did anything wrong.

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Thank you for subscribing. Watch what happened during their first meeting in the video above! Would you like to view this in our Australian edition?

On this week's episode we saw the conclusion of the fight. The fight was so heated, Christina and the other producers had to step in and calm everyone down. If a martian smashed a raccoon, the offspring would look like Lil Wayne. Would you like to view this in our Asia edition? Not Toya or Nivea neither.

Would you like to view this in our French edition? And its actually at this kickball game. So he and Danielle meet up to discuss what Dom should do.

During their lunch meeting, Danielle and Dom talk about his relationship with Lizzy and Danielle tells him she doesn't think she's ready to take the next step with him. Lmao nigga said genetic accident he is one ugly ass nigga. After hearing about Danielle's conversation with Dom, twosome dating Lizzy decides to confront her sister. Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by Wordpress. Even Em will kill that nigga lyrically.

Buy Lil Wayne's Newest Album. Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail. Damn Wayne gets everyone in his bed. He tells Lizzy about his meeting with Danielle and explains what she told him about her dating history.

Is Lil Wayne Dating Christina Milian -- It s Just Business

Nivea Blasts Christina Milian Over Lil Wayne Relationship

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Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Split After Dating for Over a Year

Nigga J Lo is a million times badder than Trina. Why you think everyone laughrd after he responded. They were that close and asked a bunch of bullshit!

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