Even with all the lag u went through and mediocre story. Just jump in a room and go through a map cycle. Double Toasted d ago I'm bored, so I'll bite. Yup you there reading this with the crappy online connection.


Mc d ago Obviously they weren't. Better graphics, Better gameplay, Better weapons, Better everything!

We all just decided to drop out and jump on Hord mode. So your stuck playing the same map for a hour and the map will always be Gridlock because it was the only one people would join. Well, online dating site in for me its faster to find a match than before.

Yeah all around the wait time to get into a match blows. You pay to eat the garbage? Simply, the game detects every shot that was supposed to hit the other player inspite the lag meaning that if you aimed at your enemy when you fired, free dating the damage is recognised but is dealt with lag. Even my friends with this speed are having issues connecting.

Gears of war 2 matchmaking

But when the match starts, it becomes a complete lag fest. Boody-Bandit d ago Edited d ago Gears online system. Thats, what I am here for!

Gears Of War 2 MATCHMAKING is pure crap Takes FOREVER

Both games provide a satisfying place to battle and chat with friends. There isn't a quesiton there but instead a statement. Your avatar sums you up completely. What is weird is when I am with a group of friends it's a lot easier to find a game than when I go it alone.

Gears of war 2 matchmaking
5 of the best Gears of War maps
  • QuantumWake d ago Well, for me its faster to find a match than before.
  • Boody-Bandit d ago Edited d ago I cant believe this is the stance Epic is taken with these issues.
  • Double Toasted d ago to Gears?
  • Maybe epic will think about this.
  1. When do gears of war come out?
  2. Did they cut corners or did they do everything they can do to prove thier worth?
  3. TheColbertinator d ago Puh-lease.
  4. Epic is just acting ridiculous now.
  5. Unless your someone that plays by yourself ranked matches blew.
  6. For those of you that live in the U.

You have people looking like they are crap walking the entire game. When they attempt to host a matchmaking party, they are not able to find matches due to their high network latency. Stop playing gears you're ruining it for the xbutts. It's poor individual connections and not our code. Pennywise d ago Glad I could make you laugh.

Gears of War 2 match-making woes being investigated

Gears of war 2 matchmaking

The only match type that works great is Horde but the other matchmaking options like Wingman are lagging and dropping connections fast. Epic it's your game and not individual connections. The only thing holding this game back are dedicated servers.

Gears of War 2 Matchmaking Issues Explained

How many sequels did gears of war generate? Why is it the people I know that complain about Gears match making don't have problems with lag and connection issues in most other games. What is gears of war like? You need revives in either private competitive, or matchmaking competitive. It also has an extremely well structured multiplayer matchmaking system.

The multiplayer for gears would have been the best multiplayer experience on the if it didnt have so many issues. That would help people with bad connections. Halo is a much better structured game.

Gears of War 2 match-making woes being investigated

Mikelarry d ago Edited d ago wished thy left the gameplay as it was from gears one yeah they were some annoying instances but they were still fun. Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware. Alot of you stood in line at a midnight launch. They called me a newb or weak, dating yet I was the one who took them out!

Gears of War 2 Matchmaking Issues Explained

Is there something like gears of war for Wii? Both have exceptional graphics and gameplay. Epic seriously need to fix their servers. It was awesome when you could create your own map list and play with friends all night long.

Ars Technica

Gears of war 2 matchmaking

Does Hoffman die in gears of wars? Halo has much more of a fanbase. At least for unranked games.

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