Not buffed, but polished such that it will need to be handled a lot to rebuild the patina. My reputation as a restorer would be harmed if secrets were told. It has been ground on both sides, as was done by some makers when fitting the irons, The result is that the Marples mark is nearly gone, but I can see enough of it to be sure that it is Marples. The post-war climate was full of uncertainty and in the plane-making world there was evergrowing competition from the United States. Only much later did he become a full-time plane-maker.

It also has the original early Norris marked blade. This plane was probably made by Lyons of London, but it is not marked. The feedback you provide enables us to continue to work on your behalf and find you that long term. The maker's mark was struck a bit unevenly and is faint on the top. The metalwork of the plane is very clean and untouched.

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The blade is marked with the J. Our job is to use our expertise and influence so that people can trust that the food they. If you drop the plane, it is likely that it would break off, with the way that the grain runs and how hight it sits. It has been lightly cleaned by an expert and still retains some light patina. This is a small size shoulder plane, and sits lower than most.

They even made a mitre plane version that had an adjustable mouth, the only British mitre plane with this feature that I am aware of. The bad news on this plane is that there is rust staining and some very light pitting on the sole. Used, dating sites twoo Changing Fate Changing fate. The entire upper half is overcleaned but could be recolored if it bothers you.

  1. There is an old and clearly stable hariline crack eminating from one of the screw holes and running to the top of the casting.
  2. It will make a great user at a really bargain price.
  3. The plane has been polished overall.

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Please, ask any questions or more photos of this item and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Badger was veyr particular to have a certain look from the side. The rear rosewood infill is in nice condition but the front fill was changed, in the original period of use, free dating sites to a horn shape reminiscent of a Continental plane.

This is a common flaw, in just this place, but I don't know why. Get alerted by email on new listings spiers plane. The sids and sole appear to have been lightly and sensitively cleaned. This one is so special that I made an exception. Slater and Miller both used Marples irons exclusively, and this iron likely came out of one of their planes.

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This is really a decent plane all in all. Discover eHarmony careers. It has a fine mouth consistent with the kind of fine work that you would need a tiny plane like this for.

Spiers Plane

Spiers Plane

It is not known whether Stewart Spiers won any awards at world's fairs. Stewart followed his father William Spiers into the cabinet-making trade in Ayr, and when his father died in he apparently took over the workshop in River Street. Spiers of ayr coffin shaped smoothing plane with d handle finish. Scottish and english metal planes manufactured by.

The lever cap retains much of the original lacquer. He always used Marples irons and this one retains the original iron, which shows wear but is still above the back of the wedge. From Wikipedia, services matchmaking the free encyclopedia.

Badger planes were usually only marked on the iron, so when the iron is used up, the mark is gone. The of the rosewood wedge has a chip knocked out of it, a flaw often seen on Holland planes. There are also some hairlines in the rear where it has been struck to adjust it. The mouth is very tight, dating multiple making it suitable for the very finest work.

It is marked, only on the wood, Mathieson, Glasgow, but it is clearly a Spiers plane. Not really a fault but it is a but much. Explanation of Our Condition Grading System.

  • It mics out at thousandths of an inch thick.
  • Notify me before the end of the auction.
  • The spot on the top just has that orange peel texture that a wire wheel leaves.
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Spiers Plane

Headband available in monthspostage discounts available if you order more than one headband. It would not be good to use with an adjuster because it is too rough to fit the adjuster precisely. William McNaught did not make the move to Paisley but went back to his old trade as a joiner.

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The rear casting is cracked from being hit with a hammer to adjust the plane. It mics to thousandths of an inch. Of the three daughters only Jane Stewart Spiers was still living in Ayr at the time. It has been light cleaned by a misguided dealer, but the plane is rust free and no real harm was done, the patina was just a bit rubbed.

The wedge is battered but looks original, and has the snecked sides that Slater was known for. There are two minor faults. If you're looking for the next great opportunity, review our current job listings at eHarmony. Chief executive Steve White made the announcement during his opening speech at B Biba has announced that it has started work on.

Spiers Planes

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