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The K had its bobbin winder in a high position and had the same type of vibrating shuttle or sometimes called boat shuttle or even bullet shuttle! There is no reference charts available to tell us the exact model number from it's serial number. Need help getting it inside. Available instantly on Amazon and in paperback.

How to Date Your Singer Sewing Machines

For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff. The Singer K was the same machine without the tubular bed, it also had the lift up fabric table like the K. These letter are before the serial numbers. Will it become yours or stay with your folks?

Comprehensive Singer Serial Number Database

All Alex Askaroff's books are now available instantly on Amazon. It needs a belt and new decals if I can find them. What is the history of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. Didn't have time to mess with it because they are in the middle of moving.

  1. Originally Posted by smitty.
  2. What if the serial number starts with two letters.
  3. The Singer K was the same machine without the tubular bed, it also had the lift up fabric table like the K Both the K and K were tiny machines known as the original Singer Featherweight machines.
  4. Anyone know how to look this one up?
  5. He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications world wide.
  6. My son's eyes just roll back in his head every time he sees me drive up with yet another treadle machine in my car.

When threading the needle it had to be threaded from left to right. Unfortunately not many parts are available for machines of this age. That way those who want to refurbish their machines can redecal them.

Just post photos when you get a chance and we can see what we are working with. The lower number may be the total production run up until that number of that particular model range. Welcome to the Quilting Board! Thank you so very much for all the hard work you put into setting up your page.

You're going to love having it! The Singer K was cast iron in Black with a round neck body, also made with an Aluminium body which had a square neck. Well that's it, I do hope you enjoyed my work.

If you fancy a read on the collapse of Singer have a go at my blog, End of Empire. Singer manufacturing plants and letter s. There is a lot of controversy over why there were two lots of numbers.

How to Date a Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet
Date Your Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database

The castings were marked with the serial number during manufacture. When the machine was running it most likely was quite noisy because the shuttle moved forward and backwards at great speed, at times it made the machine vibrate. Originally Posted by cizzors. One gold, two silver and the rest regular steel. The machines were miles from completion, packing and delivery.

All Singers up until have no letter prefix and came from several factories around the world. Where was my Antique Singer sewing machine made, the serial number starts with two letters? Where your Singer has two serial numbers always choose the larger of the two to date your machine. For antique and vintage sewing machines. How old is my sewing machine, the serial number starts with a letter.

There may be other things missing also. The Singer K as shown has the sleeve arm or sometimes called tubular bed. It had smoothness that other sewing machine manufacturers could only dream about.

Alex I Askaroff Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. Billy and Charlee pop out of the woodwork and hop into action. Isaac Singer the first capitalist by Alex Askaroff.

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How to Date Your Singer Sewing Machines

The stitch length was adjusted via a screw and the machine did not stitch backwards. Barbara A magical tale for all ages. The company cleverly managed their production from all factories to coincide with the serial number flow. Would really appreciate any help on this.

Find sewing machine model number from serial number
How to Date a Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet

Dating a Singer Treadle

Singer Dating - by serial number

It was manufactured between to the early machines were only Black and Gold with no colour. On pre Singer machines if there are two serial numbers, always use the higher, longer, larger, serial number of the two. Have cleaned many old treadles with karosene and a tooth brush, is cupid dating then oil. Forum Main Dating a Singer Treadle.


  • But you should be able to find the belt, bobbins and the needles at your local sewing repair shop.
  • There is an old piece of material under the foot but when I tried to raise it, it wouldn't budge.
  • Wow, sounds cool you can do a search online for dates on singer treadle.
  • Let's say it just needs a good cleaning and belts replaced.
  • Singer machine serial number dating Guide.

Dating a vintage sewing machine form its serial numbers with no letter prefix. Now to the dating All Singers up until have no letter prefix and came from several factories around the world. The simple guide to dating your early Singer sewing machines.

Trying to research this thing and so far I think I have two dates. Singers have never manage to shed light on these two numbers especially as many have the last three digits the same! It always look a neater machine because of its compact size. Find sewing machine model number from serial number.

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