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We can get you audition ready and hired fast! The more games you know how to deal, the more valuable you will be to your future employer. Casino Dealers are in hot demand! Hours of Instructional video broken down into easy to understand segments, plus built in note taking module. Casinos offer a variety of Table Games but each casino has their own unique procedures for these games.


There are countless Casino Dealer Job vacancies just waiting to be filled. The Casino College provides you with the absolute best hands-on training from our state of the art facilities. Casinos are big business, and each hand you deal earns the house money, so the faster you deal, casino vip pc game the more valuable you are to the casino - and to yourself!

The Casino College Dealer Training - Casino Dealer Training

Then I visited the College, and was introduced to the management, the instructors and the students. The Casino College Online can make that dream come true, without breaking your bankroll or making you miss work. Learn to be a Dealer Online! This also means that you can count on the Casino College Online being around for some time to come.

Casino Dealers make better Players! We Guarantee your satisfaction! Learn Hands-on, Online or Both!

Once enrolled, you'll receive access to the course instantly! Click the icons below to download free demo versions of this groundbreaking software! Dealing Cards is a skill that must be learned. Learn Dealing Basics at home, like never before!

The Poker Player - Get exposed to hundreds of hands every night and increase your bankroll. Please feel free to drop by one of our campuses and see for yourself. Our staff is will be arranging your bartending job employment options in San Diego and beyond.

If so, we're sure you know that the best way to improve your gameplay is by being exposed to as many real, live hands as possible. Click here for a sample course video clip! In fact, many of this site's students end up coming to us for proper training! Hands-on training and lecturing of take and pay procedures, keys for payoffs, markers, call bets, fills and credits, table limits, casino variations and game protection. Plus, most casinos offer benefits, vacation pay and very flexible work schedules.

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Are you an avid Poker Player or gambler? Our course offers training in the most popular casino poker games. Plus, once you successfully complete the course, you'll qualify for a Certificate of Completion.

Casino College Online - Online Casino Dealer Training Program

Lab classes will include actual gaming practice and real-time dealing and playing experience in a variety of games. Everything is broken down in easy to learn sections which includes hours of step by step video clips, oversized demonstrative images, and practice exercises to get you ready for your auditions! From the main course lobby you can access the user forums, chat and support feature. Training begins with how to change currency and how to handle the equipment. Due to the extreme growth of the gaming industry there simply aren't enough trained dealers to fill all of the positions.

Learn to be a Dealer Online

Students who graduate our course will posses the skills necessary to audition and deal in any major casino or card room. As a professional bartender you can work virtually anywhere in the world! However, a huge amount of the skill required is mental, and can easily be learned via a computer based training system. Dealing Poker and Blackjack are hands-on jobs - we don't deny that. Casino Dealers make great money!

To make a long story short? Not to mention help me with job placement. Will this be confusing for me? This course begins with the rules and objects of the game. Have you been dreaming of moving to Las Vegas or any other Casino Hotspot?

Of course you don't have to complete both courses, but it will definitely give you a huge edge if you choose to. Extensive hands-on training of primary and advanced betting, take and pay procedures.

They get great benefits and the opportunities for advancement are unlimited. Poker Dealers make better Poker Players. Lifetime job placement assistance.

Learning these specific procedures gives our students the advantage over other applicants at auditions. Want to be in the middle of the action, night after night?

The Casino College has trained literally thousands of Casino Dealers, and you could be next! These are common situations in the world poker, and you not only need to know how to handle them properly, but also how to handle them quickly. Contact us via Phone, Email, Forum or Chat seven days a week! Most dealer jobs require only that you pass the job audition to have a shot at the open spot, and our Online Training Program can teach you the skills necessary to do just this!